Open Box Service

What is an open box order?

An open box order is multiple items that are then sent together when shipping is paid. This is a great way for someone to create a really big order and save on shipping in the long run.

Here is an example. The person "Amy" has created an open box order (discount code is no longer used in this shop) by using the shipping option "Start an Open Box/Add to Open Box". They can then create as many orders as they like using that shipping option. The items are then stored away by ourselves, to ship together. When Amy is ready to receive her items, she would create a new order and use the option "Close Open Box". The shipping price for open boxes are £6. The average cost to send per parcel is around £4.80 tracked, or £3 untracked, meaning using the open box option would allow you to save atleast double. For example, if Amy created 3 orders before choosing "Close Open Box", she would save on averafe £2-3 on shipping.

  • What if I just want free shipping?

Until the 31st of January 2022, you can get free shipping on any order over £30 (will change back to £50). However you must click the "Free over £30" option at checkout for this, as it will be sent as an individual parcel. If you spend over £30 and wish to add it to an open box, you will still need to pay the "Close Open Box" option. I sometimes offer discount codes and giveaways on my social media, so be sure to go follow me (links can be found at the bottom of our website). You can also earn points every order you make which can be put towards money off your orders or towards a free delivery voucher.

I do not make any profit off shipping prices. The prices shown are around 1-2p more than what my courriers may charge. I do not put my packaging costs into the prices and cover this out of my own money. 

  • What if I use the "Start Open Box" option by accident?

I've had this issue before where the checkout options are in a dropdown, rather than a multiple selection box and people have just assumed this meant their order qualified for free delivery. Please make sure you click the dropdown arrow at checkout to see all checkout options. I will always contact you via the email provided at checkout to make sure you meant to choose this option (so please, use a contactable email, or provide an instagram link in the checkout box). If I receive no reply after 48 hours I will refund your order. 

  • Can I add pre-orders to my open boxes?

Yes. Just checkout using the "Start Open Box/Add to Open box" option. The items are then made and stored away to send to you when you close the box.

  • What if I've paid regular shipping but wish to add to my order?

In the past, I have allowed people to simply add to any orders they have, and have paid normal shipping. However from December 2021, I will only be allowing open boxes to be made. You are welcome to contact me to discuss possibly adding to one of these orders, however I may ask for the shipping price different to create an open box order for you. However, this depends on the situation of the parcel.

  • If I have an open box open, can my friend create an order and add to it?

If you create the order through your account and it goes to your address then yes. If your friend checks out on their account or to their address, they will need to create their own open box order and pay shipping when closed.

  • How long can I leave it before paying the £6 closing fee?

As long as you like. However please keep in mind, courriers will only take max 5kg from small businesses, and the average wax weighs about 100g, and bath and body products around 200g, so keep in mind I may need to ask you to close your box. Most last around 3-4 months. This is why I need a contactable email address, as I like to stay in contact and ensure you don't lose out on receiving your order.

  • What if my address or information changes and I have closed it already?

Please contact me ASAP. I usually ship items of a weekend, or 2-3 days after one has been closed, just incase someone changes their mind. My email is

  • What if I can no longer afford the closing fee?

This is something I'm happy to discuss privately via email, however I am also a small business and losing out on shipping fees already by offering this service. I am happy to wait it out to ensure you have the best chance of receiving your order. However any orders go void after 14 days of purchase by UK law, so I would only be able to refund any orders within that time period you would of contacted myself in and would have to then sell on any wax that was put away. However, I know it is hard times at the moment, so please don't hesitate to give me an email and we can work something out. I do offer payment plans on the website, however please spend within your means.