Wholesale and FAQ

Here at Sunflower Home Co we do offer wholesale. Please make sure to order any wholesale up to 4-12 weeks in advance. You are welcome to offer pre-orders to your customers within that time. For Halloween/Christmas items please allow up to 20 weeks.



• White Label - I do not include my logo on the melts and you can add your own*


*You cannot remove my CLP from any of my products, this includes replacing them as it is illegal.



💛 Wholesale FAQ 💛

1. Do you offer wholesale?
Yes I do. Please contact me via email as it's easier to discuss. There will be a website when I get a chance. I also have a group, click here to join.

2. Is there a minimum purchase?
Yes, the minimum purchase amount must be between £50-70 depending on the items in which you wish to buy. I cannot do wholesale burners or stationery at this moment.

3. What is required to wholesale?
All you need to do is contact me, state what youd like to stock and I will require payment. Stock is made to order, so can take up to 12 weeks to make so be prepared to wait that long.

All wax melts are offered white label (without my logo on).

However you CANNOT remove any CLP labels off my melts. This is illegal, even if you replace with your own. The CLP labels are the labels on my packaging that show the hazard information ("Warning:"). These are to stay on the melts.

Wholesale only applies to my wax melts as I outsource my bath products.

4. Is there a contract?
You will be sent an invoice and by replying to that invoice you are entering into a contract and accept terms in which are agreed. You are representing not only yourself but me by selling my products.

5. Can I change individual prices?
When you wholesale you are buying my products in bulk hence making savings so technically you wouldn't have to but your profits are your issue.

6. Is there a shipping fee?

There will be a shipping fee which is calculated depending on what you buy. £50 worth of items usually = £10-20 worth of domestic shipping. Alot more if international, take that into consideration. Spend over £200 for free shipping.

I am not responsible for custom or taxes.

7. Do I have to pay you commissions on what I sell?

Once you pay for the wholesale, your profit is what you keep. Unless you are stocking my melts in an actual shop and then it will be more to purchase.

8. I am purchasing for a business event/wedding etc, is there anything else I need to know?

Be sure to let me know as appropriate packaging can be included!

➡️ Please always follow manafacturers advice when purchasing wholesale. Ask me questions to help you sell my wax at the best ability and legally.
➡️ Must be aware of local trading standard laws and make me aware of any issues (food imitation laws may be different in your city compared to mine)
➡️ If you purchase my melts with my clp on and remove afterwards you are violating a legal contract.
➡️ SDS sheets are always available upon request.